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Autumn news

Autumn news

We realised the diary has been much neglected! Rev. Alina is finding her way with the website and we hope to keep you up to date more frequently with news from the journal.

We are pleased to let you know that the Autumn journal has been completed and should be appearing on the website here any time now. This issue has an interesting mix of articles and lots of news and photos.

The journal monks were involved in the Order gathering of monks here at Throssel during September. We  prepared much of the journal earlier and so were able to leave it during September and focus on our meetings and having time with our fellow monastics.

Subscriptions for the mailing list for the journal newsletter is 353 today and rising slowly and steadily.  The newsletter gives notice and details of each upcoming journal once it is ready,  If you have not yet subscribed and would like to, you can do so at the e-newsletter sign up.

Thank you for your interest and all good wishes from the Journal monks

Rev. Alina and Berwyn

Our printed Annual is ready

We are glad to let you know that our new printed book, the Journal of the OBC Annual of Articles 2014 is available from www.lulu.com.

They will send the book directly to you. We have set a price of £8.00, around $12. (Lulu sets their own postage charge). Buying the Annual from Lulu will provide the OBC Journal close to £3, (approx. $4.50), per book to help cover other costs of the Journal, and continue to make the Dharma available to our Sangha.Cover of Annual for 2014

More information on this is on our Annual page.

We offer this in response to requests from some of you and hope you like it. If take-up is good, it will become an annual event.

Let us know what you think.

Best wishes, Rev. Alina & Rev. Berwyn

Good wishes for the season

Rev Berwyn and myself wish you all a happy festive season and all good wishes for the New Year.

We are one year on from launching into our new digital format, 4 issues of the journal in all. Downloads of these are steadily increasing, with over a thousand of the Spring issue, and the others rising all the time. Its good to see the journal being appreciated so widely.

We have also continued to have in mind those of our sangha who do not find the digital format workable, especially for reading the dharma. We are going to try out producing a ‘yearbook’ of all the articles of this last year in print form, as a paperback book. This will be available sometime in the New Year.

News will be posted here and also to the newsletter subscribers.

Thank you all for your interest and support.

Rev. Alina and Rev. Berwyn

Winter Journal making good progress

We our working to get the Winter issue out by the end of December.

Articles are being proofed and we are just tidying up the news.

Our thanks to our loyal team of proofreaders who give us their time and expertise to cast a fresh eye on the copy.

Everyone who subscribes to our newsletter will get an email letting them know when it is ready.

Rev. Alina and Rev. Berwyn

Summer Journal on the way

Summer Journal on the way soon.

We are pleased to let you know that the journal has been completed and is currently being converted into a MOBI file for e-book readers. The local company we have hired to do this work have a major project on and cannot complete until towards 11th July. We can in the meantime prepare the pdf version. This issue has an interesting mix of articles and lots of news and photos; more news on the contents will follow when we are ready to launch.

The Spring issue, our first digital journal, was downloaded by nearly 600 people in the first two months and 64 bought a kindle copy. We can see already that we are acquiring a wider readership with the more open access and the Amazon version.

Our mailing list for our newsletter, which gives notice and details of each upcoming journal once it is ready, is over 300 and rising every day. If you have not yet subscribed, you can do so at the e-newsletter sign up.

Thank you for your interest and all good wishes from the Journal monks

Rev. Alina and Berwyn


First digital version of the OBC Journal

3rd April: We are glad to announce that the first digital version of the Journal is now available.

The Journal is now available as a free pdf download, and as a kindle eBook from Amazon, US version for $3.43, (£2.06, UK version – also available worldwide). We receive 70 % of the Amazon price to help cover the cost of conversion to eBook format (£300 per issue).

It has been a long process with many monks and lay Sangha involved in considering the various options, developing the website, and offering advice on many aspects of the process.

So thank you to you all and I hope you benefit from the Journal in it’s new form.

Rev. Berwyn and Alina


Winter Journal sent to printer and Happy Enlightenment Day

The Winter Journal was sent to the printers on the 2nd December. It takes at least a couple of weeks to get the Journal printed and delivered, so the Winter issue will most likely be mailed out after Christmas, around the 2nd January.

This will be the last printed version of the Journal, the next issue will be available from the website as a download and an ebook version will also be made available. For further details sign up to our email newsletter.

The 2nd December was also the day we celebrated the festival of the Buddha’s Enlightenment here at Throssel Hole. Here is a picture of our Altar for the ceremony, and I wish you a Happy Enlightenment day, and a peaceful Christmas break.

Buddha's Enlightenment festival.

Buddha’s Enlightenment festival.

In Gassho,

Rev. Berwyn


Email newsletter

Just a reminder that you can sign up to our new email newsletter at this page: http://journal.obcon.org/e-newsletter-sign-up/ and on that page there is a link to previous issues of the newsletter if you want to catch up on the news about the Journal. The autumn newsletter is now available to view, and covers such topics as ebook formats and options for printing on demand.

I hope you find it useful.

In Gassho,

Rev. Berwyn

Journal sent to Printers July 2nd

The Summer Journal was sent by FTP to the US printers on 2nd July and will go to the UK printers today. I expect the UK printers will have it ready within two weeks, so it should be mailed out by mid-July. It may take a little longer for the US version to be mailed out.

My apologies for the delay in getting this issue out.

In Gassho,

Rev. Berwyn

Summer issue out mid-July

Dear Subscribers,

The Summer issue is running  few weeks late, but we have all the articles and the news just about ready to go, so it should be mailed out by mid/late July.

Sorry for the delay this time.

Best wishes,

Rev. Berwyn