Autumn Journal to printers

Dear readers,

The autumn issue has been sent to the printers (on Sept 10th). We expect it to be back by late September ready to mail out. As David and Peter of Tyneside Free Press have retired we are using a printer recommended by them (‘Express litho’ of Washington, Tyne & Wear) for the first time. Our thanks to David and Peter for doing such a good job of the printing over the years.

Our US printing is still being done by Marrakech, who have been very reliable over the years.

This issue has articles on Generosity, Training with Adversity,  and meditation practice, as well as pieces on our attitude to ‘busyness’, and learning from the death of a loved one.

Also to note the Journal editor will be away from 14th – 29th Sept visiting family, so I won’t be able to reply to emails until the end of Sept.

Deadlines for Autumn issue-revised

The deadline for news submissions for the Autumn issue is 20thth August.

For articles, we will need them to be finalized by August 23rd for them to get in the Autumn issue. I would need to see a draft by mid-August to get an idea of the length of the article.

Thanks for your help with this.


Summer issue being mailed out now for European subscribers

We got the Journal back from the printers today, so we’ll start mailing out this week, and everyone in the UK and Europe should have their copy by the end of June.

This is the last issue that Tyneside Free Press are doing for us, as David and Peter are retiring. Our thanks for their patience and the high quality of their work over the years.


Deadlines for the Summer issue

The deadline for news and articles to go in the Summer issue is 21st May.

We aim to get the Summer issue to the printers by the first week of June, so it will reach people by the end of June.

The Spring issue was mailed out to all current subscribers by the 9th April. If you haven’t received your copy use the contact us form and let us know.