Summer Journal on the way

Summer Journal on the way soon.

We are pleased to let you know that the journal has been completed and is currently being converted into a MOBI file for e-book readers. The local company we have hired to do this work have a major project on and cannot complete until towards 11th July. We can in the meantime prepare the pdf version. This issue has an interesting mix of articles and lots of news and photos; more news on the contents will follow when we are ready to launch.

The Spring issue, our first digital journal, was downloaded by nearly 600 people in the first two months and 64 bought a kindle copy. We can see already that we are acquiring a wider readership with the more open access and the Amazon version.

Our mailing list for our newsletter, which gives notice and details of each upcoming journal once it is ready, is over 300 and rising every day. If you have not yet subscribed, you can do so at the e-newsletter sign up.

Thank you for your interest and all good wishes from the Journal monks

Rev. Alina and Berwyn


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