Autumn news

Autumn news

We realised the diary has been much neglected! Rev. Alina is finding her way with the website and we hope to keep you up to date more frequently with news from the journal.

We are pleased to let you know that the Autumn journal has been completed and should be appearing on the website here any time now. This issue has an interesting mix of articles and lots of news and photos.

The journal monks were involved in the Order gathering of monks here at Throssel during September. We  prepared much of the journal earlier and so were able to leave it during September and focus on our meetings and having time with our fellow monastics.

Subscriptions for the mailing list for the journal newsletter is 353 today and rising slowly and steadily.  The newsletter gives notice and details of each upcoming journal once it is ready,  If you have not yet subscribed and would like to, you can do so at the e-newsletter sign up.

Thank you for your interest and all good wishes from the Journal monks

Rev. Alina and Berwyn

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