Practice and the Media

Mia talks about how she grew up with various form of social networking, and then goes onto describe how she uses various forms of media as part of Buddhist practice “….As Buddhists we will already have given a lot of thought to what media are helpful to our own practice. Most of us read or listen to the news, but choose as objective sources as possible, try to stay mindful of our own reactions, and limit the amount of time doing it, so as not to take on more of the pain of the world than we can handle.
In terms of social media, it’s difficult to get away from it nowadays. I joined Facebook because a friend moved to a new job in Palestine, and used Facebook to keep in touch with her friends at home. We discussed her photos and experiences together, almost as if we were sharing tales over the dinner table. Of course it would have been preferable to catch up in person, but meeting online was the next best thing. “

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PDF to download: Practice and the media

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