Time to Live?

This article talks about the problem of ‘busyness’, and came about through discussions with the Huddersfield and Leeds meditation groups and members of the www.brightmoon.org forum.

“..It seems that there is a question mark for many over the issue of ‘what is time for?’, which is related to fundamental questions about our purpose for living. We are being made to ‘get the most out of our life’ in so many ways, and this leads to the basic fear, “Will I have time to fulfil myself?” The sense of pressure I noticed arising in our discussions seemed to come out of this sense of being trapped within time; that the demand that we fulfill ourselves and help others as much as we can, has increased this sense of claustrophobia. We now have so much we could do, or ‘ought to do,’ and the fear we may ‘run out of time’ before we achieve it is even greater. But are we really trapped in time? Is time really like that? How does our sense of a ‘self’ that has to prove itself through fulfilment or helping others relate to this sense of being trapped in time?

This is where I believe Dōgen’s Ūji can help. It offers a totally different vision of what life is, where the sense of a personal self that exists independently of time and other beings is allowed to fall away; and there is only Ūji or ‘existence, time, flow’ as one thing; in which each moment is sufficient and the fear of not having ‘enough time’ can drop away. It is saying “there is another way to live.”

– pdf Rev. Berwyn Time to live, Autumn 2012

– Epub format for smart phones, some ebook readers – Time to Live – Berwyn Watson

– mobi, for kindle ebook reader – Time to Live – Berwyn Watson


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