What About Karma?

From the Introduction: This article is Rev. Master Daizui at his best, exemplifying many of the views and qualities that made him such a deeply valued member of our Order. Using his considerable analytical skills, “What About Karma?” goes into a broad and detailed exploration of the relationship of karma to HIV and AIDS.
Although the operation of the law of karma is exceedingly complex, Rev. Master Daizui helps us to look at many of its important aspects and clarify several misunderstandings, thereby avoiding some simplistic and erroneous conclusions.
Building on this clearer understanding of karma, the article then looks at what can be said relative to HIV prevention, living with AIDS, facing the possibility of death, and to care
giving. As timely as a discussion of HIV and AIDS was when this was written, and as vital as this topic continues to be, the scope of this article goes well beyond these specific issues. The conclusions and suggestions offered are applicable to any illness and difficult and challenging situations we may find ourselves in — situations where we may feel, “This isn’t fair!” or desperately wonder, “Why me?”

PDF to download: R M Daizui What about Karma

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