“What is it Good to Do?”

This article is an edited version of the third of three talks given to the retreatants at the New Year Retreat 2011— 2012 at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey.

...As Buddhist meditators, we come to act on the basis of ‘What is it good to do?’ This question encapsulates a pivotal point of practice and, as we go on, this becomes our basis for action in life. In any situation, it becomes the basic question that we ask. This expresses zazen and manifests our understanding. At each point of choice or decision in our life, how do we step forward to act, without stepping out of meditation? How do we decide what to do in a difficult situation — for example, if we’re not sure whether we should say something about someone, a colleague perhaps, because we know that if we do speak out it’s likely to have serious repercussions?

PDF to download: Rev. Leoma_what is it good to do_Summer 2012

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