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Welcome to the Autumn 2017 Journal. This issue is devoted to articles on aspects of the Segaki ceremony, teaching and related training. ‘Segaki’ is usually translated as ‘Feeding the hungry ghosts’ and also is traditionally a means for remembering and offering for those who have died, especially in traumatic circumstances. Its form comes from very old traditions of other cultures, but still resonates with many today.

Articles explore aspects of the ceremony, then move on to address what ‘hungry ghosts’ means in terms of training, and opening the heart in the face of death.

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Old Questions on Karma, News from the Debates at Patna 246

SOME FOLKS HAVE ASKED ME TO SAY A LITTLE SOMETHING on karma. It happens to be one of my specialties and I can run on for hours. I will try not to do that. I thought you might find it … Continue reading

Form and Pure

THERE IS A SCRIPTURE IN WHICH THE WHOLE OF BUDDHISM IS REFLECTED. It is the Scripture of Great Wisdom. It says: O Shariputra, form is only pure, Pure is only form; there is, then, nothing more than this, For what … Continue reading

News of the Order

News from Order temples, including a report of Rev. Master Seikai’s trip to India. Issue: Spring 2014 pdf to download  

Undertaking Great Compassion Without Delay

SINCE WE CHANTED THE AVALOKITESHWARA SCRIPTURE for our Transfer of Merit Ceremony this morning, I thought I’d talk about Great Compassion. I draw my inspiration from a passage in the Avatamsaka Scripture, in English, the Flower Ornament or Flower Garland … Continue reading








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