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Welcome to the Autumn 2017 Journal. This issue is devoted to articles on aspects of the Segaki ceremony, teaching and related training. ‘Segaki’ is usually translated as ‘Feeding the hungry ghosts’ and also is traditionally a means for remembering and offering for those who have died, especially in traumatic circumstances. Its form comes from very old traditions of other cultures, but still resonates with many today.

Articles explore aspects of the ceremony, then move on to address what ‘hungry ghosts’ means in terms of training, and opening the heart in the face of death.

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Reverend Master Jiyu Speaks of Ceremonial

An extract from ‘The Wild White Goose’ Volume 1, based on Rev. Master Jiyu’s diaries of her time of training at Sojiji temple in Japan. Issue: Part of Summer 2014 issue only, pdf to download

Why Do Ceremonial?

In all major Buddhist traditions there is a certain amount of ceremonial.In some it is the main focus of daily practice, in others it is minimal, but it is always there in one form or another. Here in the West, … Continue reading

Thoughts on the January Sangha Retreat at Throssel, and Myself

I spent this January at Throssel for the winter Sangha retreat. I have been training for years but had never had a chance to stay for such a long period. I have generally just been for sesshins and weekends, which … Continue reading

The Question of Meaning

I was talking to someone recently who was feeling depressed about the value of their life. Having cancer that seemed like it may spread brought a review of “What is it all for?” The question of meaning—whether this life has … Continue reading

The Wisdom of an Open Mind

Talking of an open mind and wisdom may seem to western thought to be predominantly concerned with the functioning of the brain. To a Buddhist these terms have a broader context, all of what we are being involved. Perhaps ‘The … Continue reading

News of the Order

News from OBC temples in Europe and North America. Summer 2014 issue only, pdf to download  








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