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Just a reminder that you can sign up to our new email newsletter at this page: and on that page there is a link to previous issues of the newsletter if you want to catch up on the news about the Journal. The autumn newsletter is now available to view, and covers such topics as ebook formats and options for printing on demand.

I hope you find it useful.

In Gassho,

Rev. Berwyn

Journal sent to Printers July 2nd

The Summer Journal was sent by FTP to the US printers on 2nd July and will go to the UK printers today. I expect the UK printers will have it ready within two weeks, so it should be mailed out by mid-July. It may take a little longer for the US version to be mailed out.

My apologies for the delay in getting this issue out.

In Gassho,

Rev. Berwyn

Summer issue out mid-July

Dear Subscribers,

The Summer issue is running  few weeks late, but we have all the articles and the news just about ready to go, so it should be mailed out by mid/late July.

Sorry for the delay this time.

Best wishes,

Rev. Berwyn


Spring Journal sent to the printers, ready to mail early April

The Spring issue of the Journal was sent to the printers this weekend 9/3 so should be ready to mail out early-mid April.

We have articles covering several areas relevant to practice, including :

  • Serene Reflection meditation
  • Patience
  • Right speech applied to emails and internet use
  • Dealing with the opposites when listening to the news etc.
  • ‘Bowing to what comes’

Please Note: the news deadline for the Summer issue will be the 21st May.


Happy New Year & Journal ready to mail out

The Winter 2012-13 issue is ready to mail out to UK and Europe, we have it back from the printers and are just waiting for some help during the New Year retreat at Throssel to mail it: so it should reach subscribers from around the 2nd Jan. The US issue was sent to the printers at the end of November and should be mailed at roughly the same time.

Our thanks to all our readers for your support and we wish you ‘All the Best’ for 2013!amida triad in w allen compressed(picture Amida triad over the West Allen Valley – acrylic on board)

Ebook experiments

As we announced in the Autumn 2012 Journal news, we are researching different ways of distributing the Journal electronically, so we can avoid the hefty costs of mailing and printing whilst maintaining quality. This is likely to take some time as we to look carefully at the various options to see what will work best for our readers.

We have been looking in to how we can turn Journal articles into formats that can be read on ebook readers and tablets. Some of the feedback we have had suggests that some people find it easier to read on ebook readers (that allow you to resize the font whilst keeping the same page size) than on a computer. Some who are partially sighted are really looking forward to having versions available that have larger text, or even can be read out through an ebook reader or computer.

As part of our research I have converted a recent article of mine from the last issue into pdf, epub and mobi format. You can find it here: Time to Live?

It seems that epub format is useful for Apple devices, some ebook readers and some tablets. The mobi format can be read by Amazon Kindles. The pdf format remains useful if you wish to print out the article. A full list of what works on what device is available from Wikipedia

We would very much appreciate any feedback on how useful readers find it to have ebook versions of the article, and if anything can be improved in its presentation. You can send emails via the contact page.

With best wishes,

Rev. Berwyn



Autumn Journal to printers

Dear readers,

The autumn issue has been sent to the printers (on Sept 10th). We expect it to be back by late September ready to mail out. As David and Peter of Tyneside Free Press have retired we are using a printer recommended by them (‘Express litho’ of Washington, Tyne & Wear) for the first time. Our thanks to David and Peter for doing such a good job of the printing over the years.

Our US printing is still being done by Marrakech, who have been very reliable over the years.

This issue has articles on Generosity, Training with Adversity,  and meditation practice, as well as pieces on our attitude to ‘busyness’, and learning from the death of a loved one.

Also to note the Journal editor will be away from 14th – 29th Sept visiting family, so I won’t be able to reply to emails until the end of Sept.

Deadlines for Autumn issue-revised

The deadline for news submissions for the Autumn issue is 20thth August.

For articles, we will need them to be finalized by August 23rd for them to get in the Autumn issue. I would need to see a draft by mid-August to get an idea of the length of the article.

Thanks for your help with this.


Summer issue being mailed out now for European subscribers

We got the Journal back from the printers today, so we’ll start mailing out this week, and everyone in the UK and Europe should have their copy by the end of June.

This is the last issue that Tyneside Free Press are doing for us, as David and Peter are retiring. Our thanks for their patience and the high quality of their work over the years.