Autumn 2012

Contents of the last issue of the printed Journal.

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Aspects of Compassion 1
Rev. Master Alexander Hardcastle

Not Talking About Meditation as a Technique 4
Paul Taylor

The Great Secret of Death 12
Carol Jenkins

Generosity 16
Rev. Master Peter Bonati

Training Within Adversity 19
Rev. Etsū Banks

Shifting Gears 26
Steve Murray

Individualism and Connection 30
Jan Reed

Time to Live? 35 (Available as download: PDF, Epub, and Mobi format).
Rev. Berwyn Watson

News of the Order 51

Editor: Rev. Berwyn Watson; Journal Assistant, USA: Rev. Veronica Snedaker
Production: Rev. Berwyn
Proofreading help: Leanne Dolby, Gyojin Anita Cherlin, Eldridge Buultjens, Chris Hughes, Eric Nicholson


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