Spring 2012 articles

Recently published in the Spring 2012 issue are the following articles, complementary copies are available on request. If you want to try out the Journal just go to the contact us page and choose ‘Journal editor’ in the dropdown list.

The Great Enabler: Rev. Master Myōhō Harris,

How We Find Help through Buddhism: Rev. Lambert Tuffrey,

Nothing Crooked in the Universe: Jeremy Haslam,

Treat Yourself as You Would Others: Rev. Master Phoebe van Woerden,

Karmic Washing Machines: Rev. Master Jishō Perry,

An Intensive Lay-Practice Month: The Sheffield Meditation Group’

The Practice of Celibacy: Rev. Alethea Waxman.

We also have News of the Order: reports from Temples of the Order.


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