About the Journal

History and Purpose

While she was in Japan, Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett, the founder of our Order (go here for more information), started a newsletter to help people who studied with her keep in touch. It was called ‘News from the Tiger’s Lair’ and has been published ever since, growing with our Sangha family until it is now an international quarterly publication, which encompasses the Journals of both Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey and Shasta Abbey.

It serves to provide people studying Zen in our lineage and tradition with a way to receive teaching, encouragement, and news of events around our various groups and temples. It also provides a sense of the wider community of trainees, as it contains contributions from both monks and householders, women and men, young and old, from all of the countries in which we have temples and groups.

Journal features

We try to include a balance of articles which have proven over the years to be of use to readers:

  • Articles by senior monks on aspects of Dharma and daily training
  • Articles by experienced lay trainees on living the Buddhist household life
  • Articles by various trainees on how they have approached practical problems in their practice
  • New translations of classical Zen texts by Master such as Dogen, the Japanese founder of Soto Zen
  • Previously unpublished or hard to find material by Rev. Master Jiyu-Kennett
  • Explanation of Buddhist terms, forms and iconography
  • Encouraging accounts of how Zen training has touched people’s lives
  • News of temples throughout the Order

You are welcome to contact us if would like to get a free complimentary copy sent to you, so you can try it out.




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