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What is it like when we wake in the morning? Before our brain wakes up and remembers what we have to do that day, there is a space—of being you could say; which is just an appreciation: we can sense … Continue reading


I’m tired. Not all the time, but enough so that I can not depend on not being tired. There are days when it seems relentless, and other hours where I think it is all in my head. The strange thing … Continue reading

Reflections on Training

When I am able to respond in a still and open way to the needs of any situation there is a way in which what is good to do can become clear; whereas when I am caught up at any … Continue reading

Let’s Talk a Bit about Complaining

The last few months I have been observing complaining—my complaining and the complaining of others. I recently came across the website This is the website of Rev. Will Bowen, a Christian minister in Kansas City, Missouri, who—as he tells … Continue reading

Mountain Life Tiger Life

As you sit upright, a dignified human being without calculation or complaint: ignoring dies, dissatisfaction wears out, and the unnumbered things of the world, animate and inanimate both, lend their aid and join in with your breathing. Here, there is … Continue reading

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Appears

Once there was a Bodhisattva by the name of Dipankara, who was a deep meditator and a very advanced teacher, much loved by people. He lived in India and he traveled around in the Tibetan area with a man to … Continue reading

What drives breaking the Precepts?

What is it in the psychological aspect of being a human that tends to lead us towards the belief in a substantial self, separate from other beings, which in turn leads us to break the Precepts? How do we balance … Continue reading