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News from the OBC Journal

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Training is the Heart of Training; The Heart of Training is the Heart

Once upon a time, I was a junior in college, sitting alone in a quiet part of the University of Oregon art library, trying to cram for an up-coming Japanese art history final without much success. I have never been … Continue reading

Seeking a True Refuge

When I was a young adult, I had no idea how to live my life and came upon the idea that helping other people could give my life meaning. After college, I went to Ghana for a year to do … Continue reading

(Re)Born into Buddhism

In December [2013] I celebrated three years as a monk. Knowing a little about my life, you might think the road to monasticism was pretty straightforward. 1.) Born into a Buddhist family. 2.) Raised at a local Priory. 3.) Throw … Continue reading

Renounce the World When Young Renunciation Stories from Shasta Abbey Novices: Introduction

A significant event in the life story of the buddha is his renunciation of ‘the world.’ On one level this refers to renouncing his family and kingdom; on another level it means turning away from one’s karmic inheritance and committing … Continue reading


This is an assorted collection of reflections on the spirit and essence of Bowing. The scriptures tell us that when there is no more bowing there will be no more Buddhism. That statement makes plain how significant the heart and … Continue reading