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OUR VOW: The Great Protector Reflections on The Earth Witness Posture

Buddhist Teaching, be it in words or images, offers us insights into the truth. It is there for us to reflect upon, digest, and through that, enable our own understanding to unfold. The Dharma is a living thing with a … Continue reading

Turning the Wheel with 12 Steps and Buddhist Training

These past 32 years of recovery from drug/alcohol addiction, combined with 16 years of Buddhist training at Shasta Abbey have provided opportunities for insight into ways of offering myself compassion for particular karmic conditions. Recently I resolved a perceived conflict … Continue reading

Dharma Therapy

I work as a community Occupational therapist. the    word therapist comes from an ancient root, dhr, meaning ‘to uphold/maintain’, which also gives us Dharma. Discovering this connection has brought something into focus for me about the inseparableness of my daily … Continue reading

Our Attitude of Mind

Our everyday life is our practice and our attitude will affect the way we choose to live. Each moment is changing, so if we have a hard, set attitude, it can change too—we are not bound by it. The more … Continue reading

The Wind is Always Blowing, the Current is Always Moving

I’d like to talk this morning about a teaching from Rev. Master Jiyu that I remember coming across very early on in my training. She used to say, it seemed, quite often: “The leaf goes where the wind blows it.” … Continue reading