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    The Truth Speaks for Itself; It Sings Its Own Song

    Whilst sitting quietly by the fire and contemplating the common room statue of Lord Jizō, these assorted reflections arose into my mind and I offer them now in memory of my master, Reverend Master Jiyu-Kennett, who died 18 years ago … Continue reading

    What part does Ambition play in the Spiritual life? A Buddhist perspective

    This is a slightly revised version of a short talk given to Faithshare, an informal termly interfaith gathering of students, staff and religious representatives, at Lancaster University. A member from each faith tradition was invited to make a short contribution … Continue reading

    Beginner’s Mind

    One of the most interesting developments during my time as a clinical psychologist over the past 30 years has been the mainstream acceptance of mindfulness-based therapy. This has enabled me to apply the experience of my personal meditation practice into … Continue reading

    How do I Know I’m Doing It Right?

    Here are some of the questions I often hear beginning meditators ask: How often should I meditate? How many times a day? Why couldn’t I empty my mind? What should be happening? Here are questions I—a slightly more experienced meditator—often … Continue reading

    News from the OBC Journal

    News from Temples of the OBC in Europe, North America and the UK – with photos. News available only as part of Winter 2014 Journal Print PDF

    Adapting to Conditions

    This article is based on a lecture I gave at Shasta Abbey in August 2012 as part of a week-long retreat. This lecture was based on An Outline of Practice by Bodhidharma. This describes four practices that encompass all of … Continue reading