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This beautifully expressive Kanzeon statue is at Berkeley Buddhist Priory

This beautifully expressive Kanzeon statue is at
Berkeley Buddhist Priory

    Layered Karma

    An extract from Rev. Master Meiten’s third book of Reflections on practice, ‘Returning to Stillness’. At various times since 2003 when I came to Vancouver Island after over 20 years of living in a monastic setting, there’s been a clear … Continue reading


    In our weekly meditation group we recite Dōgen’s, Rules for Meditation. In this there is a phrase which I have thought about and reflected on quite intently. The phrase is the one where reciters are exhorted to “cease from erudition”. … Continue reading

    The Dharma as a Tool for Everyday Life

    Yesterday I heard a story in which someone was deeply hurt by a friend, who had not told him that a mutual acquaintance had died. Naturally he felt upset, betrayed, and also embarrassed for not having had the opportunity to … Continue reading

    Reflecting back on Relationships

    I was in my mid-forties when I became a monk. I had been married for some years previously and later had two other relationships. Without my especially thinking about it, my view of these relationships, especially my part in them, … Continue reading

    Some thoughts on Gratitude

    It is good to cultivate gratitude, an innate aspect of Buddha Nature. Cultivation doesn’t create gratitude, but rather uncovers the gratitude that is already present. Gratitude goes beyond dark and light, beyond yes and no, beyond getting our way or … Continue reading

    New of the Order

    News from OBC temples in Europe and North America. Available only as part of the Autumn 2014 issue Print PDF