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The Life of the Precepts

The Precepts are actually how we live when we learn to let go of greed, hate and delusion—they are enlightened action, they are the life blood, the working, of the Buddha Mind. They are the guide to a place which … Continue reading

The Teaching of Critical Mind

It’s sobering to observe the workings of critical mind, to feel its painful effects and see how this goes against my true wish. It is easy to turn away, to not look, but eventually we do see. To turn towards … Continue reading

‘A Great Wind Carries Me Across the Sky’

Victor Frankl was a Jewish doctor who survived as an inmate of the Auschwitz death camp … He wrote a book Man’s Search for Meaning1 which describes his experiences in Auschwitz and also lays out the general principles of logotherapy. … Continue reading

Gratitude and Karma

I would like to share with you some thoughts on gratitude and karma. It’s been coming up for me that karma is always here, and gratitude isn’t—I thought that distinction might be worth talking about. It occurred to me that … Continue reading