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 Welcome to the Winter 2017 Journal.

We are delighted to begin this issue with a transcribed talk by our Former Head of the Order, Rev. Master Daizui Macphillamy. Other articles include three very different teachings on the Precepts. It contains the usual news from temples of the Order

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When Mountains are Mountains and Rivers are Rivers

There is an old saying in Zen: “In the beginning, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers; later on, mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers; and still later, mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers.” My own … Continue reading

The Question

It is a basic human desire to seek happiness and satisfaction in our lives. The question we all face in life is how do we find this happiness and satisfaction? The way we answer that question is the way we … Continue reading

Day and Night

In the early morning quiet, with an aching body and befuddled mind, I get out of bed. Groping around, taking care of early morning matters, still half asleep and scarcely aware of anything – tears well up; how can I … Continue reading

On Practice in Old Age and Infirmity: An old geezer’s view

I’m seventy seven and in ill health. This affected my posture in meditation until I changed it. I then realised that my apparent reluctance to alter my position had been due to pride; having sat with a straight unsupported back, … Continue reading

Treat Yourself as You Would Others

Almost always when we talk about how our meditation practice can really not be separated from working with the Precepts, someone will lament how hard that is. And we all agree, it is hard if you wish to label it … Continue reading

The View of The Precepts

The Precepts point to and express a fundamental shift in our point of view. Training seems to me to involve choosing a certain way of living or relating to the world—a choice that is repeated daily, almost endlessly. There is … Continue reading

Life of the Precepts

There is something that calls us to meditation and this call persists as we go on. There is something deep within us that we know to be true, and know to be good, but we can feel as if we … Continue reading








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