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The Buddha Calling Buddha

We seek Buddhism when we recognize that there is something seriously wrong with the direction we have taken in our search for satisfaction and happiness. Buddhism points us to deep truths that resonate in our hearts. We are drawn to … Continue reading

Enhancing our Lives

Not long before his death, the Buddha taught his followers: “Be an island unto yourself; be your own refuge.” In this teaching, the Buddha invites us to take charge of our lives and not to depend on anyone else to … Continue reading

Cherry Blossom

I have recently moved to an idyllic house in France and although the winter has been very cold, the spring has come like a fanfare. My garden is full of blossom on the many fruit trees and the woodlands around … Continue reading

Our True Home

Today is our Festival of Avalokiteshwara Bodhisattva and when we look around the hall, we find ourselves surrounded by all these lovely images of this Bodhisattva and encompassed by inspiring music and invocations. So I’d like to talk a bit … Continue reading

Working Meditation

The next thing on the retreat schedule is working meditation, and I’ve been asked to give you a talk as an introduction to this, why we do it, why it’s important, how to do it… With practice we can bring … Continue reading

Buddhism Is Not Self-Improvement

Most of us come to Buddhist practice with some idea or hope of finding a better way of living than that which we currently have, know or experience. Some of us are completely dissatisfied with the state of our lives … Continue reading

Kings Day

It was somewhere towards the end of the afternoon of Kings Day. We were in Amsterdam selling old clothes on the street market to get some extra money for our plan of traveling the world… The boy next to us … Continue reading








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