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Welcome to the Autumn 2017 Journal. This issue is devoted to articles on aspects of the Segaki ceremony, teaching and related training. ‘Segaki’ is usually translated as ‘Feeding the hungry ghosts’ and also is traditionally a means for remembering and offering for those who have died, especially in traumatic circumstances. Its form comes from very old traditions of other cultures, but still resonates with many today.

Articles explore aspects of the ceremony, then move on to address what ‘hungry ghosts’ means in terms of training, and opening the heart in the face of death.

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Feeding Hungry Ghosts with the Bodhisattva Mind

Generosity, compassion, love, and merit—all aspects of the Bodhisattva Mind-Heart—are the distinctive attributes, or seals, of the Feeding of the Hungry Ghosts Ceremony (Segaki). I want to explore here the many ways these qualities are expressed in the ceremony: first, … Continue reading

Recipients of Our Segaki Offerings

For whom is the Segaki ceremony intended? To whom do we offer all the merit we create? There seem to be at least several groups: deceased relatives and friends, especially recent and tragic deaths; unfortunate beings in various non-material states … Continue reading


There are 11, long narrow red cloth banners, that are hung in a straight line, behind and above, the Segaki, (also known as The Feeding of the Hungry Ghosts) Altar. The names on the banners are written vertically, in black. … Continue reading








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