Offering help

As well as financial support, the OBC Journal welcomes help with things like proofreading and transcribing.

Below is a list of ways in which help can be offered. Some require some experience in different areas but some just need an interest and wish to contribute.

Proofreading and transcribing

If you have some spare time and would like to help out by proofing submissions to the Journal, that is a great help to us. Experience is a help, and / or a good eye for detail. We provide notes on what to look for. We generally send out the text as a pdf file and you can add comments to it and email it back using the free Adobe Reader.

We sometimes transcribe talks and turn them into articles. We can provide recordings as mp3 files for you to type up in your own time, at a pace that suits you.

Website help

We would welcome offers of help in the following areas, please call Rev. Berwyn on 01434 345204 or email using the contact form if you are interested

Technical help for the site

– to help run the site by

  • doing maintenance tasks
  • suggesting ways to improve the site
  • developing the layout and theme

Qualities needed:
Some experience of WordPress

Article listing editors

– to help run the site by

  • updating the listing of articles on the ‘Article archive’ page (with the author’s permission)
  • this involves:
    • typing in a short description of article
    • putting in keywords
    • uploading the file

Qualities needed:
Some basic computer experience


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