2016 Annual of Articles

We are pleased to announce that our third printed Journal Annual is now available. This paperback book contains all 23 articles from the digital Journal issues in 2016. These cover a wide variety of reflections and teaching on aspects of practice written by monks and lay practitioners.

It is available for sale at £8 plus post and package.

To purchase a copy, please go to

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Journal of the OBC 2016 Annual

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2015 Annual of Articles

Our second printed book, the 2015 Journal of the OBC Annual of Articles is now available from

2016 cover
The first issue was popular and we hope you enjoy the new edition. It contains all the articles from the four digital journals of 2015, a treasure of teaching and reflections on a wide range of Zen practice, available for £8. Lulu send the book directly to you and add their own postage charge.
Your purchase of the Annual from Lulu also provides the OBC Journal close to £3, (approx. $4.50), per book to help cover other costs of the Journal, and continue to make the Dharma available to our Sangha.

We will post the cover and content of our new book soon.

We are glad to be able to offer this printed form of journal articles. Copies are or soon will be available for sale in the shop here at Throssel and at the shop at Shasta Abbey


2014 Annual of articles

New printed Annual of articles 2014

New printed Annual of articles 2014



Preview of contents below:

Old Questions on Karma: News from the Council of Patna, Rev. Master Daizui MacPhillamy            

Form and Pure, Fer de Denken

Undertaking Great Compassion Without Delay, Rev. Master Oswin Hollenbeck

Rev. Master Jiyu speaks of Ceremonial, From ‘The Wild White Goose’               

Why do Ceremonial?, Rev. Master Meian Elbert

Twelve Points concerning Ceremonial, Rev. Master Oswin Hollenbeck

Thoughts on the January Sangha Retreat, Jenny Rookes

The Question of Meaning, Rev. Berwyn Watson

The Wisdom of an Open Mind, Rev. Jishin Kinson

Layered Karma, Rev. Master Meiten McGuire

Erudition, Jan Reed

The Dharma as a Tool for Everyday Life, Rev. Master Seikai Luebke

Reflecting back on Relationships, Rev. Alina Burgess

Some thoughts on Gratitude. Rev. Oriana LaChance

The Truth speaks for Itself: It sings Its own song, Rev. Master Myōhō Harris

What part does ambition play in the spiritual life?, Paul Taylor

Adapting to Conditions. Rev. Master Kinrei Bassis

Beginners Mind. Neil Rothwell

How do I Know I’m right?, Dan Brodribb

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