Fukanzazengi or Zazen for Anyone Anywhere

I first translated the Fukanzazengi into Dutch for the benefit of the congregation in the Netherlands. As it laid bare some interesting differences with the English version of the OBC, some fellow monks suggested another English version would be of use. This translation1 is rather literal and hopes to use modern English for the contemporary reader in much the same spirit as Dōgen used contemporary Japanese in order to offer the Dharma to a wide public. One paragraph was thoroughly simplified, so a fuller version can be read in endnote 2. The Japanese version I translated can be found in the Sōtō Shu Sutra book, published by the Sōtō Headquarters in Tokyo 1984. With many thanks to my fellow monastics for helping me find the right words.
The article following the translation is an edited version of lectures given during a sesshin in June 2011.

PDF to download Fukanzazengi, translated by R M Hakuun

Rev. Master Hakuun has a website with more translations at www.unsui.eu

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