The Truth of Being

Rev. Haryo Young, M.0.B.C.

(When asked if I would be willing to have the following article, written by me some 16 years ago, republished, I reread it and found the style rather awkward compared to how I might say things today.  I also recognized that if I were to write it over again there are areas where I would say more (or less) than I did originally.  Even though my view of things has refined over time, I’m happy for the article to be republished since I’m still comfortable with the essence of what I wrote.  My use of such terms as Truth and enlightenment is not with the assumption that there is a common understanding of what these terms mean, nor am I offering one here.  My intention is to point to genuine human religious experience that is life changing, regardless of what it is called. HY, March, 2012)

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