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The  Journal is published four times a year from the Journal office at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey in the north of England. Articles from around the Order are combined to make a publication of around 80 to a hundred pages.

We are also experimenting with a printed Annual of all the articles for the previous year, see are Annual page.

The Journal is now available as a free pdf download.

Also the eBook version for kindles and tablets with the kindle app, are available from amazon: search the amazon site of your country (i.e. at these sites: UK Kindle version of journal, US Kindle version of journal). 70% of this price goes to support the OBC Journal.

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A selection of articles from each issue and some previous is also published on this website. For more information on our history and purpose and the kind of articles we publish you can go to the About the Journal page. You are welcome to contact us if would like to get a free complimentary copy sent to you, so you can try it out.

The Journal has always been a collaborative project, as we rely on people to send in articles, support us financially with their subscriptions and offer help in other ways, such as transcribing talks and proofreading.

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